Mold inspection

Residential and Commercial Air Quality Inspections

We only performs inspections. We are not a remediation or treatment company. We have no vested interest in finding mold that would require expensive treatment. We don’t get commissions from remediation companies. We perform industry standard inspections utilizing by our Certified Mold Inspectors. We will recommend remediation just when it is truly needed.

If remediation is required, we will refer you to a qualified expert remediation company that our clients used before. We will report a remediation Scope of Work that will guide the remediation process, so you will pay for the treatment you really require.

 What to Expect from mold inspection

An ordinary inspection comprises of the following:internachi-certified-mold-inpectors

  • Visually inspect the property for signs of water intrusion and mold growth.
  • Measure moisture in the air (Humidity
  • Measure moisture in the walls, ceilings to find any sources of mold growth
  • Swab samples of any visible mold, or if no visible mold is present
  • Air samples in areas of concern. A standard inspection would be 2 indoor air samples and 1 outdoor sample. The outdoor sample establishes a reference or baseline for normal mold levels in an area, that are then compared to the indoor samples.

Cost for a three sample inspection is $500.00, This incorporates laboratory fees for the sample examination.

For single spot inspection, such as a kitchen cabinet, One sample may be all that is needed.

Cost for a single sample inspection is $400.00, This incorporates laboratory fee for the sample examination.

For bigger properties or commercial properties, the quantity of samples will vary. Extra samples after the first 3 are charged at the rate of $75 each.

Turnaround time for sample analysis by a certified laboratory is 24 hours.

As a rule no less than 3 samples are gathered by the inspector to provide the baseline and precise data as to indoor levels. Be careful of other inspectors who will quote a very low inspection charge, then will charge you for a countless number of samples, raising your cost by few hundred dollars.